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Report Your Results

1 month after your first purchase of Vilantae, you will be emailed a survey form to fill out and submit via the Internet. Within 24 hours of receiving your form, we will email you back a gift certificate code. It is worth $10 credit towards anything on the website.

To view an example of our survey form click here

•The second and final survey will be sent out 3 months after your first purchase of Vilantae. You will also receive a $10 gift certificate code for filling it out.

Reporting your results is very important to us, and we urge you to report back regardless of whether you continue using Vilantae. We encourage everyone to report their results regardless of whether they're showing improvement. Our mission is to collect results from as many people as we can and eventually display the statistics on our website. It will allow us to collect valuable data about Vilantae and will help us in our effort to get Vilantae accepted by mainstream medical establishments.

•All surveys must be returned within 30 days from the time received in order to receive gift certificate credit.

•If you change your email address you must log into your customer account and make the change. Or, simply email us directly by clicking here. If you did not create an account with us, we will still email you the survey form, but you must notify us of any changes in your email address.

•If you've only had modest results after the first month do not be alarmed. It generally takes 3 months to feel the full results of Vilantae. The 1 month survey is in part, to compare how fast different people are responding to Vilantae.

•Please note that we never give away any personal information from the surveys such as email address and contact information. We do plan however, to show the non-personal statistical data from the surveys including sex, ethnicity, how good the results were, how bad the acne was to begin with, and any other comments so long as it is not identifiable to any specific individual.

•We respect everyone's privacy. We do not give away any personal information or email addresses to third parties. We do not participate in any programs where by companies sell their mailing lists to third parties allowing users to be spammed with junk mail advertisements.

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